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ABC Communication produces high quality podcasts for decision-makers from politics, business and society.


Another focus is on corporate podcasts – our high-quality productions with one of the best audio teams in Germany offers individual audio chronicles for successful companies.  In doing so, we combine outstanding milestones in the company`s history with current goals and visions. Therefore, the ABC Communication podcasts create information gain and listening experience for interested parties. At the same time, they are an excellent means of strengthening internal communication or attracting industry-related people to the company.

An additional focus of ABC Communication podcasts is on the field of equestrian sports. With high-quality audio productions, we combine tradition with modernity and network high-quality content with important advertising partners for an attractive target group without wastage. Here, too, podcasts are the perfect medium to charge brands with positive emotions. No other medium comes as close to the respective target group as professionally produced podcasts.

Full Service in the field of Podcast

High quality podcasts – with experienced audio producers for high-quality, professional audio results.

highly skilled, professional productions for companies and brands for internal and/or external communication.

Podcasts for personalities – high-quality storytelling for and with personalities in an exciting, informative and entertaining interview format.

Podcasts for foundations, associations and institutions for image building audio chronicles with intense depth of topics and diversity.

Podcast distribution – web integration and marketing.

Our process 

On Air with ease – with us

From the first idea to the ready-to-broadcast mp3 – full service or individually:

Consulting & Strategy

In exchange with our customers, we develop the concrete idea of the podcast, consider strategic objectives and KPIs.



The conceptual dramaturgy and the storyboards are the basis for emotional storytelling.


Recordings & post-production

The podcast recording and post-production is carried out with high-quality equipment. With our experts on-site we deliver results in the best quality.



We place and distribute the podcast on all streaming platforms the customer desires and deems relevant.


Marketing & PR

Support and management with valuable multipliers, web integration and desired marketing options deliver an important aspect of the success of the podcasts.

Ina Tenz

Your contact person
Ina Tenz

Ina Tenz is one of the most successful audio and radio content professionals in Germany.

The renowned expert in the audio industry specializes in audio content productions and podcasts on digital and analog platforms as well as positioning, strategic branding and storytelling of radio stations. Ina Tenz held executive posts with the most renowned radio stations in Germany and Luxembourg and successfully repositioned their programming, including Energy 93.3 Munich, radio ffn and Antenne Bayern.

The facts 

Podcasts are booming!

96% of Germans know podcast formats, more than half (59%) use them and more than 27% already listen to a podcast at least once a week, according to data from the Ad Alliance Mobile 360° study (2021). The PSOS/RMS Podcast Study 2021 provides further exciting details:
Podcast Icons

Podcasts are entertaining daily companions and provide a variety of topics and depth of content. Main motives of listeners are information (57%) and relaxation (41%).

Podcast listeners are on average 43 years old, 54% female and 47% have children in the household. Most of them (84%) live in urban or urbanised areas. 47% are employed, which means that 52% of them have a HHNI on > 2500€ available.

82% of podcasts are predominantly listened to at home and in a concentrated manner. 72% listen to podcasts via smartphone using headphones at all times/occasionally.

PSOS/RMS Podcast Study 2021
Base: All respondents n=5,000


Boris Becker - Der fünfte Satz

Boris Becker – The Fifth Set

In the podcast “The Fifth Set” Boris Becker gives very personal insights into his life. In an interview with Johannes B. Kerner, Boris Becker speaks about his life as a tennis star and family man. It’s about victories and defeats, his future prospects and Boris Becker’s very personal fight against racism. He also talks about his childhood in Leimen and July 7, 1985 at Wimbledon, which changed his life forever. For many, Boris Becker has always remained the 17-year-old tennis “German-wunderkind”, the adult Boris Becker with four children, patchwork family and many ups and downs struggles with his reputation in the German press. He wishes for respect and appreciation and plans a life beyond the public in the not-too-distant future.

“Boris Becker – The Fifth Set” was produced exclusively as an Amazon Original Podcast. The 5-parter was produced one year before his spectacular law suit in the UK, published in January 2021.

GPM Podcast

Pferdemedizin heute

Professor Karsten Feige is head of the equine clinic of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover and president of the Society for Equine Medicine.In this podcast he describes – partly with experts – one topic on horse health per episode. It focusses on diseases, especially about their early detection and treatment. Further important areas like health care, feeding and topics related to breeding are discussed. We talk about frequent misdiagnoses, what is important in purchase examinations and whether every mare is also suitable for a foal – and of course also about exciting developments and new approaches in equine medicine.

This podcast is published at regular intervals and is free of charge for all students of veterinary medicine, practicing veterinarians and for all horse owners who are interested in modern equine medicine.

Landgestüt Celle Podcast

Landgestüt Celle – Celle State Stud

The Celle State Stud has a long tradition with great change and many stories to tell. It has survived three wars, mastered the challenges of industrialization and constantly reinvented itself over the centuries.

In this series, “Landstallmeister” Dr. Axel Brockmann talks in detail about the exciting past and today’s challenges.

What began 285 years ago with the aim of breeding workhorses for agriculture and the army has now become Lower Saxony’s trademark: powerful, modern sport horses that are in demand worldwide.

What are the tasks of a state stud – Who are the people behind it – What are the challenges? We take a journey through the history of the Celle State Stud and have a intense and exciting look behind the scenes.

Tönnies & Tönnies

Tönnies & Tönnies

Clemens Tönnies and Maximilian Tönnies – 2 generations, one entrepreneurial family.

The name Tönnies stands for success in Europe, an international player in the food industry. This podcast tells the moving family and company history.

From the beginnings of the small butcher’s shop in the backyard of the parents’ house to a billion-dollar corporation, deeply rooted in Rheda-Wiedenbrück in East Westphalia.

Built 50 years ago by the brothers Bernd and Clemens Tönnies, still run today by Clemens Tönnies – still a family business into which son Maximilian also finds his role.

About tradition, change, success, headwinds and responsibility. 8 episodes deal with the highlights and challenges: a portrait of the family business Tönnies.

Aktion Kindertraum – From silence to sound – „Aus der Stille in den Klang“

“Aus der Stille in den Klang” is a podcast by Aktion Kindertraum in support of deaf children who – despite their handicap – are eager to learn to play musical instruments, such as the violin and the piano. An electronic prosthesis in the ear, a cochlear implant, gives them – as well as millions of deaf people around the world – access to the world of hearing – and access to playing music.

This podcast is about these children – and how music can help them to find their better way into the world of listening.

With talks to affected families, scientists, doctors, supporters as well as musician and Star-DJ Mousse T. and pianist Sebastian Knauer – accompanying this project – this podcast.