The Problem with Communication; What Communication Actually Means

The Problem with Communication; What Communication Actually Means

Communication has a vague connotation, sometimes even in the business world. Understanding what communication actually means can help when it comes time to have your PR and communication needs covered.

The traditional focus of public relations and communication

As it has been traditionally understood, public relations(PR) often means communicating with the media through press releases or other outward communications. It’s a one-way street. Internally, PR is understood as the department that gets messages to the workers via memos, emails and other internal communications. Again, it’s a one-way street.

This is one of the problems with communication as it stands.

If current trends are any indicator, the personal aspect is here to stay. This means the once simple “say it and forget it” method of communicating, both internally and in the press, is long gone. True communication flows between both parties. Whether in the media or in the office, people are people. They want connection, they want to feel valued.

For instance, understanding what stories the press is looking to pick up is going to give your company a much better success rate with those press releases. And what better way to do that than by communicating with someone who you submit to? Listening to what they have to offer may provide valuable insights to multiply your outreach.

Internally, taking the time to listen to what employees or partners have to say about the shortcomings of the company, practices, or management can mean millions in potential. Proper communication can quite literally make or break a team.

Learning from new communication trends

Now when we talk of communication, we actually mean communication. Two or more parties, engaging in a dialogue to reach an end. Relationship counselors often say communication is the key to a healthy relationship, s why would a business relationship be any different?

Public relations must become an integral part of management and the communications team for any business to be successful. Understanding the wants, needs, and pain points of anyone you communicate with professionally puts you on their level, allowing you to actually communicate with them, not simply expect them to read a memo.

Staying integrated

Opening up the floodgates of communications brings its own set of challenges to the table. It is one thing to understand someone – it is another to be ruled by them. Part of proper communications is setting boundaries, being able to set limits for yourself and your company, and knowing when a strong “no” to a media agency or partner is needed.

Another thing to consider in whatever you do or say as a communicator – is it in line with the company’s core values? Being consistent with these values and professional actions helps the company gain integrity and trust, which are the building blocks of success.

What communication actually means in the business world

Simply put, to businesses, entrepreneurs, and institutions around the world, communication means everything. The way you communicate with the world around you will directly affect your standing in that world. If you want to stand firm, you need to learn how to properly communicate. From individual positioning in an ever-changing environment, to crisis communication and litigation PR, Anda Business Communication will guide you through each crucial step.


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