Béla Anda is one of the most experienced communication advisers in Germany. His particular strengths include crisis communication, litigation PR and new positioning of individuals, companies and organizations. Experience in highly complex settings such a spokesman of the federal government, as the communications director of an M-DAX company and finally as a member of the BILD editorial board combine outstanding knowledge of press work, publicity activities and PR.

Béla Anda



As the government spokesperson of Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, Béla Anda’s central task was to communicate the Agenda 2010 with its far-reaching stimulation of the economy and the job market. The goals were clear; the – in part very tough – measures needed time to have an effect. That made the challenges immense for the political communication: Agenda opponents used the temporal gap between the legislation of the measure and its impact to mobilize.

This necessitated multi-layered PR work that built on each other. Béla Anda was initially criticized for the communication surrounding the Agenda 2010, and then distinguished as the communicator of the year. This encouraged the ABC founder to position himself in critical situations.



As CCO, Anda’s task was to the develop and sharpen core messages for analysts, business journalists and capital market communication together with the Investor Relations Departments for finance service providers listed in M-Dax. These messages are reflected in the press work as well as the ongoing dialogue with business journalists.

As the director of marketing and sponsoring, Anda renegotiated sponsoring contracts on several occasions between AWD and Hannover 96 and ensured a great visibility for the company in a positive environment. Moreover, Anda established AWD (now Swiss Life Select) in a recognized circle of the biggest sports-sponsoring companies, the G20.



Journalism is one of the decisive components in Béla Anda’s professional life: already at 22 years of age he became the political director of WELT am SONNTAG, then later the chief reporter, department head and member of the editorial board of BILD, where he energetically pushed the interplay of print and digital journalism forward in the political and business editorship.

As government spokesperson and communications director, the dialog with journalists remained an essential part of Anda’s PR and press work, defined by his respect for this industry in transition.